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Wrapit Pro by Rainbow Loom Bracelet Making Kit

Wrapit Pro by Rainbow Loom Bracelet Making Kit – Image Source Rainbow Loom Instagram

New! Make awesome beaded friendship
bracelets with Wrapit Pro Loom.

I bet your excited about the new Wrapit Loom bracelet making kit by Rainbow Loom. You probably have a million questions about how this new loom works. I’m happy to give you all the good news and details on the fabulous new Wrapit Pro Loom.

Wrapit Loom bracelets are made with cords, nylon or leather string, and beads. It doesn’t require a needle to weave the beads, so it’s kid friendly! But big kids will probably love it more than little kids!

In the past, making friendship bracelets was a bit difficult because beading bracelets requires a stable placement of the cord. The cords needs to be attached to something to give the bracelet frame structure for holding the beads in place. A clip board or other concoctions were typically used and weren’t the ideal solutions. Choon Ng, the founder of Rainbow Loom, has solved that age old problem by inventing the Wrapit Pro Loom. Now, to make friendship bracelets you simply attach each end of your cord into the Wrapit Pro loom, and start weaving your beads onto the cord. The results are perfect, and professional beaded bracelets every time!

The variety of style bracelets you can make with Wrapit Pro Loom are endless. You can also use Paracord, hemp, embroidery thread, your own seed beads or other materials for effectively creating trendy bracelets in many shapes and sizes. It’s another wonderful jewelry making kit that will get hours of use. I can imagine teens making beaded bracelets together at sleep-overs, using their cognitive skills and imagination to quickly and easily whip-up a bunch of friendship bracelets and sell them all summer long for $10 a piece at the local swap meet. Even if they sold 3 for $15, it would nearly pay for the Loom itself! The versatility of Wrapit Pro Loom given its ability to make stunning bracelets limited only by the creativity and imagination of the user, make this loom an exceptional choice for your next jewelry making kit.

Beginners will find it fun and fascinating. Experienced bracelet makers will have the ability to create expensive looking, beautiful bracelets. That’s why I think the Wrapit Pro Loom is going to be the next sensational Rainbow Loom Product! Get yours today.

The video above shows the Wrapit Loom in Action.

Wrapit Loom by the makers of Rainbow Loom

Wrapit Loom by the makers of Rainbow Loom

Easy Beginner & Intermediate Level Bracelets
Boho Friendship Style – Standard Design

Wrapit Loom handmade beaded bracelets

Wrapit Loom handmade beaded bracelets


Wrapit Loom handmade beaded bracelet

Wrapit Loom handmade beaded bracelet


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