Rainbow Loom Kit Reviews!

Loom Band Kit Reviews

Loom Band Kit Reviews

It’s important to compare loom kits! Rainbow Loom kit reviews in this blog will help you decide what loom band kit to purchase. Many of the reviewers in the following videos list the the pros and cons of one particular loom kit vs. another from first hand experience! It’ll provide you with valuable information for choosing your first loom kit, or deciding which loom kit to add to your current collection.

Even though the Rainbow Loom kit is valued among Loominestas’ world wide as the most popular because of it quality make, durability and functionality, they also find value in other loom kits for their unique qualities as well. Every serious loominesta will definitely desire more than one loom. For some complex pattern like the Las Flores loom band bracelet, 3 looms are needed to make it. Looms are not terribly expensive, most are under $15.00 US.  If you love to loom or are deciding which loom to get for your friend or family loomer. Please read on and watch some of the review videos below.

Essentially, even though many looms are similar to Rainbow Loom®, some have their own unique shape and come in a range of sizes. For example, the Sunshine Loom is a round loom. These different ranges of sizes and shapes can be fun for the Loominesta to experiment with and often they find qualities about different looms that make them a strong competitor to their favorite or most used loom. Additionally, the experience and skill level of the Loominesta will be a strong deciding factor on which looms they prefer.

The Monster Tail Loom® kit was the second loom created by Cheong Choon Ng, the same founder – creator of Rainbow Loom® kit. It arrived on the market in early April of 2014. It’s meant to be a companion loom to the Rainbow Loom. It’s a small compact loom, but don’t let the size fool you! It’s a very effective loom, that’s capable of  producing exceptionally beautiful bracelets!

Rainbow Loom Mini Loom and Hook

Rainbow Loom Mini Loom and Hook

The Mini Loom with 2 pegs is packaged free with the Monster Tail Loom kit and the Original Rainbow Loom kit. It’s also packaged free when you buy the new Rainbow Loom metal hooks. It’s a tiny mini loom that can be attached to the end of the loom hook that comes with those kits. One of the most all time popular loom band bracelets was made with the Mini loom! It’s the Spirilla Spiral loom band with appx.  7 million views on Youtube, and very simple to make!

The popularity of the Monster Tail Loom® has skyrocketed since April 2014. Loominestas’ are loving the small size because its so easy to handle throughout the project, and it has a really convenient space for the bracelets to grow under the loom. To add a little more durability to the small loom, especially if you have it set up on a smooth surface table top, you’ll find it helpful to place some kind of a grip pad   ( like a thin can opener grip pad) underneath the loom to provide more stability so it wont slip around on the table as much. Some of the most stunning bracelets we’ve seen this year have been created on the Monster Tail Loom®!

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