Real Hoverboard Charms Make On Rainbow Loom11:25


Make Real Hoverboard Charms!

Make Real Hoverboard Charms

Make Real Hoverboard Charm tutorial by BookLooms

Easy hoverboard charms on Rainbow Loom!

This is such an amazingly cute and original idea by BookLooms. She is so creative, I love her channel! Today she made an awesome tutorial showing us how to make a super cute real Hoverboard on the Rainbow Loom! It really looks like the real thing! The tutorial is great with step by step directions! It looks pretty easy and dosn’t take a lot of time or too many bands.

Definitely thumbs up on this video and let BookLooms know you love it. Sub to her channel and get all her latest tutorials!

Have fun making your real hoverboard!


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Make Real Hoverboard Charms
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