Pixel Art Coloring Book For Alpha Loom Templates

The New Pixel Art Coloring Book!

Pixel art coloring book for alpha loom bracelets

The New Pixel Art Coloring Book For Bracelets – Blank Templates For Coloring

Is Finally Here!

Here at Loom n’ Bands we detected a real need from our visitors to offer blank bracelet templates to color. And now it’s easy for you to color blank pixel bracelet templates in 6 popular sizes for making Alpha Loom bracelets! We’ll continue to offer our free ready made Alpha Loom Templates as always! Enjoy this special coloring e-book specifically designed in PDF format so you can print as many pixel templates as you wish! Color some nice pixel letters, names or images on the size template you need then loom your bracelet or headband. Also enjoy extra full pages of  pixel graph paper for doodling! This is a special offer from Loom n’ Bands to our visitors! We think you’re going to love it!

Whats Inside:

  • Blank pixel grid templates in popular sizes for making bracelets, headbands & charms on alpha Loom!
  • 7.5 inch, 7.0 inch, 6.5 inch, 6.0 inch, 3 inch, and 10 inch for headbands.
  • Plus full pages of pixel graph paper for doodling!
  • In printer friendly PDF format so you can print and color as many templates as you want!

E-book Instant download

$2.99 Amazon: http://a.co/glYeGCr


Or get the 116 page Pixel Coloring
Book here: http://a.co/iXjr7HM



Check out our new Pixel Art Coloring Book!
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Pixel Coloring Book With Template For Alpha Loom Bracelets
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