Loom Band Color Combinations!

Rainbow Loom bracelets are made with colorful loom bands! We thought you may like to see a variety of color palettes to help you decide what colors to use for your next bracelet, charm or accessory. Browse over 100 colorful loom bands on our blog for more ideas.

If you’re running out of ideas here’s some inspiration and color palettes sure to get your imagination flowing. Below are a few examples of colorful loom bands and the  colors used on some of your favorite bracelet designs. Below those are 17 different color palettes with a combination of 5 colors.

You’ve probably seen a color wheel before like this one. Use it as a guide to distinguish between warm and cool colors.

Rainbow Loom Color Ideas


And Remember:

Complementary Colors

  • Are any two colors which are directly opposite each other, such as:
  • blue and orange
  • red-purple
  • yellow-green.

The complementary scheme is basically” high-contrast” and it works best when you choose a dominant color and use its complementary color to highlight important elements. By doing this you will get color dominance combined with sharp color contrast.

When choosing colors from the palettes below, you may not need all five colors for every bracelet. In that case, find a color palette you like and choose 2 or 3 of the colors.

See 4 examples how color combinations compliment each other in bracelet design.
Then choose 1-5 colors from one of the color palettes below the examples.

Color Paterns 22


Color Paterns 51


Color Paterns3


Color Paterns4



Color Palet 18
Color Palet 17
Color Palet 16
Color Palet 15

Color Palet 14

Color Palet 13

Color Palet 12

Color Palet 111

Color Palet 10

Color Palet 9

Color Palet 8

Color Palet 7

Color Palet 5

Color Palet 6

Color Palet 4
Color Palet 3

Color Palet 1

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