New Designs, “The Illumina” Bracelet for Rainbow Loom®26:25


Make The Illumina Bracelet!

Illumina Bracelet On Rainbow Loom

Illumina Bracelet On Rainbow Loom

On Rainbow Loom!

If you’re looking for new loom band designs to make on your Rainbow Loom, and perhaps a bit of a challenge, you’ll definitely love this new reversible pattern, “Illumina” by OfficiallyLoomed. Have you attempted to make a bracelet that’s looks more advanced? Don’t be intimidated it’s not as difficult as you may think.

For ideas on color combinations see our Color Palette Gallery here. Keep in mind this loom band designs has a reversible pattern for 2 great looks.

Enjoy the tutorial and have fun making the new “Illumina” bracelet!

You’ll need:

  • Appx. 200 Rubber Bands
  • 1 Looms
  • A Hook
  • 1 C-clip
  • 4 colors of Rubber bands


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