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The Awesome HexaDots Bracelet
to make on Monster Tail Loom!

Monster Tail Loom Hexa Dots Bracelet Tutorial By Justin's Toys

Monster Tail Loom Hexa Dots Bracelet Tutorial By Justin’s Toys

Can be made on Monster Tail or Rainbow Loom!

Today’s your lucky day! You’re about to watch an awesome video tutorial by Rob at Justin’s Toys. The Monster Tail Bracelet you will learn to make is called the HexaDots Bracelet. You’re in good hands when Rob is teaching. He’ll explain everything to you step by step as he goes along. Please pay close attention. Rob is somewhat of an expert at making Rainbow Loom bracelets. He’s also a distinguished “Loom Artist” by Rainbow Loom since 2013. I’ve put together a playlist here on my blog of a collection By Rob at Justin’s Toys of all “One Loom” bracelets to make on Rainbow Loom, check it our here. Some of those bracelets, like the HexaDots bracelet can also be made on the Monster Tail Loom if the design requires 6 or less pins. Please give Rob a big thumbs up for this tutorial on Justin’s Toys channel here.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • This braclet takes a long time to make, it might even take a couple hours.
  • Rob is using the Rainbow Loom in this tutorial. But Rob will show you that you can also easily and simply use the 6 pins on your Monster Tail Loom.

Enjoy making the HexaDots bracelet!

Feel free to share your completed bracelet on our Rainbow Loom G+ page and join here.

Here’s a look at making the HexaDots Bracelet.

Making The Monster Tail Loom HexaDot Bracelet By Justin's Toys

Making The Monster Tail Loom HexaDot Bracelet By Justin’s Toys



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Monster Tail Loom HexaDots Bracelet Tutorial By Justin's Toys
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