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Make the Mid Stagger bracelet
On Monster Tail Loom!

Monster Tail Loom Reversible Mid Stagger Bracelet by Justin's Toys

Monster Tail Loom Reversible Mid Stagger Bracelet by Justin’s Toys

Can be made on Monster Tail or Rainbow Loom!

Get ready to learn to make the Reversible Mid Stagger bracelet on your Monster Tail Loom! This tutorial comes to from Rob at Justin’s Toys. Rob is a very experienced Loom band instructor. He’ll explain everything to you very clearly as he goes along. Please pay close attention. Rob is somewhat of an expert at making Rainbow Loom bracelets. He’s also a distinguished “Loom Artist” by Rainbow Loom since 2013. I have a lot of Robs’ tutorials on loom n bands. Recently I put together a playlist of Justin’s Toys “One Loom” bracelets to make on Rainbow Loom, check it out here. It’s all Justin Toy’s famous bracelets to make on just one Rainbow Loom. Some of those bracelets, like this one can also be made on the Monster Tail Loom when the design requires 6 or less pins. Please give Rob a big thumbs up for this tutorial at Justin’s Toys channel here. Enjoy making the Reversible Mid Staggered Bracelet.

What you need to know:

  • Rob is going to show you 2 patterns for this bracelet, the normal size and tighter size.
  • If you want to go straight to the Monster Tail version of this tutorial start watching at 28:20 in the video above.
  • However I suggest you watch a little of the Rainbow Loom version first to get a better hang of it.
  • In the Monster Tail version Rob will show you the pattern once, then you’re on your own for the remainder of the bracelet.

Feel free to share your completed bracelet on our Rainbow Loom G+ page and join here.


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Monster Tail Loom Reversible Mid Stagger Bracelet by Justin's Toys
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