Make The New Vortex Braid Bracelet On Monster Tail Loom19:16


Make The Vortex Braid Bracelet!

Vortex Braid Monster Tail Loom Bracelet

Vortex Braid Monster Tail Loom Bracelet

On Monster Tail Loom!

The Vortex Braid is a cute funky loom band bracelet with great shape, size and design. The Vortex Braid was a winning bracelet on Justin’s Toys  on Youtube. It was designed by Looms_for _dummies on Instagram. The bracelet is showcased here in this great tutorial by Rob at Justin’s Toys, Rob will give you a lot of information on the Vortex Braid, and he carefully guides you step by step in making the Vortex Braid in under 20 minutes.

I welcome you to join our amazing G+ community where you’ll see lots of super cute loom band designs. And you can share your projects, support other loomers and make friends.


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