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Make The Watermelon Keychain!

How To Make An Alpha Loom Watermelon Keychain

How To Make An Alpha Loom Watermelon Keychain

On Alpha Loom!

This watermelon keychain design for Alpha Loom is beyond awesome! The colors are bright and cheery and it makes you happy just looking at it! Everyone loves watermelon!  It would be a fabulous gift for any occasion. Or keep it for yourself. Give DIY Ideas International a big thumbs up for this awesome tutorial!

What you need to know:

  1. The Keychain is made using 6 rows instead of the standard 7 rows on Alpha Loom.
  2. She uses regular size Rainbow Loom rubber bands, That’s why she doubles the bands around each peg throughout the tutorial.
  3. She uses a regular size Rainbow Loom “white” rubber band as the connector band instead of the standard “clear” connector band.
  4. The Keychain is 28 Columns long.
  • She’ll start you out on the Key chain, and makes the first 4 rows with you.
  • Then she’ll return to help you finish the keychain.
  • Pay close attention to how to close off the bracelet in a unique method so it will easily attach to your key-ring.

Have fun and feel free to share your completed keychain picture with me on Facebook here. Or join our Alpha Loom G+ Community here. And please check back often as I’m adding new tutorials weekly!

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