Make A Tsum Tsum Keychain On Alpha Loom1:02:59


Make Tsum Tsum’s on Alpha Loom!

Alpha Loom Tsum Tsum Keychain by Craftmuse

Alpha Loom Tsum Tsum Keychain by Craftmuse

Create this Tsum Tsum inspired Keychain!

Here’s a super good tutorial for making 3 cute Tsum Tsum caricatures on Alpha Loom! Made to look like a stack of Tsum Tsums’s. Create Mike Wazsowski, Sulley and Boo! You’ll need to set aside about an hour to follow this awesome tutorial by Craftmuse. It’s so worth it! Craftmuse clearly explains everything you’ll need to get started and she guides you carefully step by step throughout the whole project. Please give Craftmuse a big thumbs up for a fantastic tutorial!

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Alpha Loom Tsum Tsum Keychain by Craftmuse
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