Make A Loom Bandz Grumpy Cat 3D Beanie Ball47:48


Get your loom bandz ready and let the fun begin! Make the new loom bandz Grumpy Cat 3D Beanie Ball right now.

Make Loom Bandz Grumpy Cat on Rainbow Loom

Make Loom Bandz Grumpy Cat on Rainbow Loom

Thanks to The Parenting Channel you now have easy step by step instructions to learn how to make the new and super cute Grumpy Cat beanie ball.  As a tribute to the popularity of the famous little Grumpy Cat, The parenting channel proudly shows you how to make Grumpy Cat with your loom bandz. Grumpy Cat would probably not approve, and more than likely would be bored and Grumpy. But hay, that ‘s exactly why we love Grumpy Cat and need to make him with loom bandz. Grumpy Cat first became Youtube famous for his pouting frown on his cute little face. It’s his natural look that soon made him the famous frowning feline we know and love. His videos are hilarious which soon captured the hearts and attention of millions of people around the world.  Grumpy Cat became a Youtube sensation practically overnight.  And his success has continued to grow every since. Grumpy Cats cute pouting expression has inspired artists to paint & draw him, and designers have created everything from coasters to clothing promoting his image.

Grumpy Cat has authored his own book called Grumpy Cat: A Grumpy Book and recently starred in his own Lifetime TV movie, “Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever”. Get the new Grumpy Cat 2015 Wall Calendar here.  Now the precious time has come to re-create the famous kitty with loom bandz in this tutorial. To meet famous Grumpy Cat and find out why he’s so funny and cute, watch his Youtube channel here.

In this tutorial most of the looming is done on a hook. The ears and mouth are made on a Rainbow Loom. It’s a long tutorial but it’s worth it. You get complete and thorough instructions for every part of the pattern. A lot of time is taken to show you how to make the ball before the video is fast forwarded. You get plenty of time to learn each piece, and you’ll breeze right through the tutorial.
Supplies you’ll need to make Grumpy Cat:

  • Approx 500 rubber bands for the loom ball
  • Appx 100 rubber bands for the for the other parts
  • A loom
  • A hook
  • Stuffing material or tissue
  • White, brown and pink rubber bands


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Grumpy Cat with loom bands
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