Loom Kit Review – Fun Loom vs. Rainbow Loom05:12


Have you ever wondered how the Fun Loom compares to Rainbow Loom?

Rainbow Loom vs Fun Loom

Rainbow Loom vs Fun Loom

This young lady does an excellent job demonstrating her opinions of the  functionality and differences between Fun Loom Kit vs. Rainbow Loom. There are many variables involved that help shape opinions about choosing a loom kit, ie, skill level, desired pattern, size of the project, and quality make of the loom just to name a few. It all boils down to a personal preference. And one loom may be desired over another at any given time for very specific patterns or projects. Every serious Loominesta knows how  beneficial it is to have more than one loom style available on hand. Many of the popular loom band patterns must be made on 2 looms. And that’s just one example out of many reasons for choosing more than one loom and having different styles on hand for different projects.

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Loom Kit Review - Rainbow Loom vs. Fun Loom
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