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Here’s a detailed description and up-close look at the slight differences between the Real Rainbow Loom Kit and a counterfeit Rainbow Loom Kit.

Counterfeit Loom Kit Review

Spot a Counterfeit Loom Kit

Most moms can relate to purchasing a “knock-off” over the real thing at some point, however usually it’s by choice. It’s a whole lot different when purchasing a product to only  discover later that it’s a fake. That feeling of getting ripped-off and not getting the product you expected and paid for is downright frustrating. In this video you’ll witness first hand one young lady’s experience as she finally realized that she did not get the Official Rainbow Loom she thought she purchased. We hope this tutorial sheds some light on your concerns regarding the counterfeit Rainbow Loom.  To Read full documentation in PDF (From the official Rainbow Loom Website) click here Danger_of_counterfeits_and_how_to_spot_them.

With the counterfeit Loom, you may notice one or more of the following:

  • A strong odor emanating from the box after opening it.
  • The corners of the loom are quite sharp.
  • The bands are slightly different.
  • There’s no Copyright information on the inside packaging.
  • It doesn’t have the red arrow on the loom.


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Counterfeit Loom Kit Review
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