How to Make the New Triple Fishtail Bracelet On Monster Tail Loom23:49


Make a Triple Single Fishtail
on the Monster Tail Loom.

Monster Tail Loom Triple Fishtail Bracelet By TutorialsByA

Monster Tail Loom Triple Fishtail Bracelet By TutorialsByA

You’re going to love the Triple Fishtail bracelet!

This modified version of the Triple Fishtail is a tighter and a prettier look of the original Triple Single made on the Rainbow Loom. Although this pattern can be made on any loom, in this tutorial it’s made on the Monster Tail Loom. The tutorial is by TutorialsBYA. Be sure to check out her channel for lots of awesome tutorials!  We loved the rainbow colors she chose for this tutorial.  The instructions are easy to follow and I think you’ll really enjoy making the new Triple Fishtail. As always, feel free to pause the video and loom at your own pace. You can always resume the video when you’re ready for the next step.

For helpful hints and ideas for color combinations for all your loom band projects, please see our Color Pallet Gallery here.  Enjoy making your new Triple Single bracelet on your Monster Tail loom.

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