How To Make A Rock Candy Bracelet On Rainbow Loom18:23


Make a Rainbow Loom Rock Candy Bracelet!

Rock Candy Bracelet on Rainbow Loom

Rock Candy Bracelet on Rainbow Loom

A super sweet loom band!

You’re guaranteed to get your sweet tooth fix today by making this elaborate yet extraordinary pattern with your loom bands! Loom Love  is always coming out with beautiful loom band patterns and this time they out did themselves with this truly one of a kind original design. It’s an all time famous loom band bracelet with a uniqueness in it’s own right. It should be pretty obvious why it’s called the Rock Candy Bracelet, and if you’re unsure, it’s because it looks very similar to a piece of real Rock Candy, which commonly comes on a stick but not always.

Do you need color combination ideas, then click here for 17 color pallets of complimentary colors.

You’re going to have fun making the Rock Candy bracelet, and when you’re done you’ll have a super cool looking new loom band bracelet to add to your collection of favorites!  Just follow the tutorial carefully and soon you’ll be wearing your new Rock Candy bracelet. Have fun!

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Rock Candy Bracelet on Rainbow Loom
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