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Alpha Loom pastel logo bracelet!

Alpha Loom Pretty Pastel Logo Bracelet

Alpha Loom Pretty Pastel Logo Bracelet

A beautiful 5 row Alpha Loom bracelet!

Use 5 rows on your Alpha Loom to make a stunning pastel loom bracelet! DIY Ideas International had the brilliant idea to make a rendition of the Alpha Loom logo bracelet as seen on the box. If you like this pretty alpha Loom bracelet, you’re going to love the tutorial as well!

Looming Five rows on Alpha Loom makes a beautiful size bracelet. It’s not as wide as the standard seven rows. And she made the Logo bracelet 49 columns long. As she stated in the tutorial, it’s the perfect size Alpha Loom bracelet!

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What you need to know: 

  1. Her design is 49 columns long. It’s a perfect size unless you have a child size wrist.
  2. She uses regular size Rainbow Loom rubber bands.  That’s why she doubles all the bands onto the pegs, throughout the bracelet.
  3. She uses a regular Rainbow Loom size “white” connector band instead of the standard Alpha Loom clear connector band. This makes for a nice clean pastel look.
  4. She makes the bracelet with 5 rows instead of the standard 7 rows. Which looks awesome.
  • She walks you through getting started and the first 4 columns of the bracelet.
  • Continue your pattern until you reach the end.
  • She’ll show you how to finish off your bracelet.

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Alpha Loom Pretty Pastel Logo Bracelet
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