How To Make A Hello Kitty Charm On The Rainbow Loom50:35


Learn how to make a Hello Kitty Charm on your Rainbow Loom®

Hello Kitty Charm On Rainbow Loom

Hello Kitty Charm On Rainbow Loom

Who’s a Hello Kitty fan like I am? You’re going to love your new Hello Kitty Charm made with your loom bands! Out of all the Hello kitty tutorials we think this one is the best by PG’s Loomacy with the closest resemblance to the real Hello Kitty. This Hello Kitty charm is as cute as can be, and soon you’ll be making your very own Hello Kitty Charm to add to your collection of loom band charms. I think this cute charm would also make a nice Zipper charm attachment to your back pack and especially if you have a Hello Kitty back pack this would surely complete your Hello kitty style.

We also have a tutorial on how to make a Hello Kitty Ring here. But it doesn’t include the cute whiskers so pay close attention on how to add the whiskers if you want to make the Hello Kitty ring, so you can complete your ring with the whiskers.

Now get ready to make your Hello Kitty ring with your loom bands. And carefully follow along in the tutorial and soon you’ll have your very own Hello Kitty Charm!


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Hello Kitty Charm On Rainbow Loom
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