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How to make a Rainbow Loom
Fishtail Bracelet!

Single Fishtail Bracelet on Rainbow Loom

Single Fishtail Bracelet on Rainbow Loom

The single Fishtail bracelet!

Discover the epic journey, fun and excitement of making cool loom bracelets with your Rainbow Loom! After you master this very basic pattern, you’ll go on to making even more beautiful loom bands! This fun video tutorial by Ashley Steph is so important because the Fishtail Bracelet is one of the first loom band designs you’ll learn to make on your Rainbow Loom! Props go to AshleySteph for getting 15 Million + Views for this tutorial. AshleySteph also has the #1 ranking loom bracelet in the our TOP 40 COUNT DOWN OF MOST VIEWED RAINBOW LOOM YOUTUBE TUTORIALS – see it here.

The tutorial (above) will give you step-by-step video instructions for making the Fishtail bracelet. Make this bracelet in a multitude of colors, let your creativity run wild. For inspiration on color combinations, please visit our Color Pallet Gallery here.  Enjoy making the Fishtail bracelet!

If you’d like to turn your new Fishtail pattern bracelet into a more awesome design. I highly recommend you look at the enormously popular Spiral Spiral bracelet that requires the Fishtail bracelet to be made as the first step. Click the image below.

Monster Tail Loom #6 Spirilla Bracelet By Claire's Wear

Monster Tail Loom #6 Spirilla Bracelet By Claire’s Wear


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Single Fishtail Bracelet on Rainbow Loom
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