How to Make a Double Nautique Bracelet On the Rainbow Loom09:46


Make The Double Nautique!

Double Nautique Bracelet on Rainbow Loom

Double Nautique Bracelet on Rainbow Loom

On Rainbow Loom!

Get ready to have some fun making the new Double Nautique  loom band bracelet by AllysBracelets. Add it to your collection of favorites! This is an amazing pattern for loom band bracelets. It’s a very well designed bracelet with a terrific tight looking pattern with nice trimmed edges.At first glance it may look similar to the Fishtail bracelet but it’s more complex and rounded. It’s a very clever design. And the colors shown in the photo really emphasize the beauty of this pattern. However you really should discover all this pattern has to offer by trying to make in other colors combinations of your choice. You can’t go wrong. For helpful ideas and hints on great color combinations for this and all your other loom band projects, check out our Color Palette Gallery here.



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Double Nautique Bracelet on Rainbow Loom
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