How To Make A 3 Pin Fishtail Bracelet On Rainbow Loom08:09


Make The 3 Pin Fishtail Bracelet!

Monster Tail Loom #38 Three Pin Fishtail By Justin's Toys

Monster Tail Loom #38 Three Pin Fishtail By Justin’s Toys

You can use your Rainbow Loom
or Monster Tail Loom!

Add the 3 pin Fishtail to your collection of favorite loom band bracelets. The 3 Pin loom band is cute & awesome for stacking on your wrist with lots of other bracelets!  The tutorial is by Justin’s Toys who tweaked the basic 2 pin fishtail pattern and gave us a super sweet more advanced, tighter looking fishtail pattern! This cute design ranked #38 in Loom n’ Bands Top 40 Count Down of the best loom bands. Which ranks the best loom bands from their YouTube view counts. Rob also made #2 on the Top 40 Count Down with his Hexafish Bracelet which has over 10 MILLION views!

Get some ideas and inspiration for color combinations for all your loom band projects when you visit our Color Palette Gallery here. And enjoy making your new 3 Pin Fishtail Bracelet.

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Monster Tail Loom #38 Three Pin Fishtail By Justin's Toys
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