Free and Easy Pixel Art Maker for your Alpha Loom grid templates!

New Easy Pixel Art Maker

New Easy Pixel Art Maker

Now you can make your own pixel art Alpha Loom patterns with Loom n’ Bands pixel art maker.  The easy pixel art maker has a lot of pixels for getting really creative with large or small pixel characters. Get inspired by first browsing my selection of free Alpha Loom pixel art templates here. And watch a few tutorials on making Alpha Loom bracelets to learn the classic Alpha Loom pattern, and see some new techniques in other tutorials.

For classic Alpha Loom bracelet width use only 7 rows from the pixel art program, I use 47 columns in length for my Alpha Loom pixel art templates. It makes a bracelet of about 7 inches long especially when the c-clips are attached.

Always measure your wrist when making an Alpha Loom bracelet for the first time. Once you’ve made a bracelet that fits comfortably you’ll know how many pixels in length you need for all future bracelets. HAVE FUN! Keep checking back. I may soon include a page where you can upload your pixel art designs here.


  • If you want to delete a pixel use the white color (in the pixel art maker) to color that pixel white.  Or click “new” to clear the board.
  • Use the plus sign on the generator to increase the size of the pixels.
  • It’s kinda hard to use on mobile devices. Recommend using it on laptop or desk top computers.


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