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In less than 30 minutes make one
of these Rainbow Loom bracelets!

How to make 5 easy loom bands

How to make 5 easy loom bands

Rainbow Loom and Monster Tail Loom!

If you’re looking for new Rainbow Loom bracelets and don’t want to spend too much time making them, these bracelets are perfect for you. If you’re new at making Rainbow Loom bracelets, these patterns will more than likely take longer to complete. However, if you’re experienced at making loom bracelet patterns and have made several of your own. Especially if you are good at making loom band bracelets and know many of the basic techniques already, you’ll breeze right through these. The first bracelet, the XOXO bracelet (video at top of page) is probably the most advanced pattern of the five. To make a few quick bracelets, I’d recommend starting with the Boxed Bow (below). Work your way through the remaining 3 easy and quick bracelets, then for your last bracelet view the XOXO bracelet tutorial. For help with color combinations please view my popular page on with color palette choices.

Follow these easy instructions in the tutorials on this page and the next 2 pages to learn how to make:
1. Rainbow Loom XOXO Bracelet
2. Rainbow Loom Boxed Bow Bracelet
3. Rainbow Loom 3 Pin Fishtail Bracelet
4. Rainbow Loom French Braid Bracelet
5. Rainbow Loom 6 Pin Hexafish Bracelet

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Monster Tail Loom #31 Boxed Bow Bracelet By Justin's Toys

Monster Tail Loom #31 Boxed Bow Bracelet By Justin’s Toys

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