Rainbow Loom™

It’s official! The Rainbow Loom Starter Kit has received the Laureat of distinction award of Label Approved Families for 2015! The loom kit was rigorously tested by parents and their children in their homes. They tested and rated the product according to quality criteria , entertainment and family friendliness. This explains why Rainbow Loom and their other products like Monster Tail Loom, Finger Loom, and the Alpha Loom are sensational hits with DIY crafters world wide since it’s inception in 2012. Kids of all ages and adults enjoy hours of fun looming bracelets with the Rainbow Loom! Your creativity and imagination are the limit to making fun fashionable bracelets and accessories with the Rainbow Loom!

NEW!! The Wrapit Pro Loom is now available!

Shop here for the New Wrapit Loom Pro by Rainbow Loom. If you love making handmade bracelets then you’re going to love making beaded bracelets on the brand New Wrapit Loom Pro by Rainbow Loom! Make professional looking beaded bracelets with ease! In just a few steps, weave together the string, nylon cord, and seed beads to make a super cute beaded friendship bracelets. The Wrapit Loom base keeps your bracelet firmly in place while you weave your bracelet. Choose from lots of different color beads! Make friendship bracelets like a pro. They’ll look so good you could sell them to make extra money or give them for gifts. Take your looming to the next level and give Wrapit Loom a try. Click here to get instructions, video tutorials, tips & tricks to looming the best Wrapit Loom bracelets. Check back frequently to discover new tutorials for learning beautiful designs to make with Wrapit Loom.

Alpha Loom™

Let your imagination be the limit to creating name bracelets with letters and pixel images for your Alpha Loom bracelets! Learn how to make Alpha Loom bracelets with step by step printable instructions. Watch video tutorials guiding you through every step to making an Alpha Loom bracelet! Use the pixel art maker to make your own pixel art designs or choose from dozens of pre-made pixel art designs. All the Alpha Loom pixel art designs on loom n’ Bands are FREE to print and download! Design bracelets to Support your favorite cause, show school spirit, and just have fun by making image bracelets with the Alpha Loom!

Monster Tail Loom™

A small travel size loom that has the ability to make some of the most beautiful loom band bracelets to date! Some of the most awesome loom band bracelets are made on the Monster Tail Loom! The size of the small loom makes it easy to hold in your hand to quickly wrap rubber bands onto the pegs to create patterns for stunning loom band bracelet designs. The Monster Tail Loom is super popular with DIY bracelet makers! Check out all the Monster Tail video tutorials here

Make Loom Bands Without The Kit

No Loom? No problem. Use Rainbow Loom rubber bands to make cute bracelets with your fingers or hook! See all the latest video tutorials to show you step by step how to create awesome loom bands with your fingers or a hook! And check out the best of Claire’s Wear playlist for up to the minute latest designs!

Rainbow Loom Fashion

Have a look at a few of the latest fashion clothing items seen on Ebay for sale. If you’re a serious Loominesta with plenty of colorful rubber loom bands consider making a few of these clothing items for yourself. Our blog offers many tutorials on how to make smaller accessories like purses, flip flops, wallets, hats and more! Those smaller items will be a great starting point for building your skills to go on to much larger projects like a dress. Once you start your larger projects you’ll want to complete your look with the smaller accessories you’ve made.

DIY Crafts!

Loom n’ Bands’ now offers tutorials for crafts projects of all kinds. Discover tutorials for making unique crafty projects! There’s something for everyone. Learn crotchet patterns, hand made jewelry, bead work, and a diverse selection of other awesome crafts to make at home. In Arts & Leisure see our huge selection of coloring books for adults. Unleash your creativity! New Diy tutorials are added weekly.

Pixel Coloring Book For Alpha Loom Bracelet Making!

Get the one and only Pixel Coloring Book you need for coloring name bracelets and pixel designs on Alpha Loom! With Dozens of blank templates in 6 essential sizes for making bracelets. Plus extra pixel graph paper for doodling! Choose from the ebook instant download or the paperback coloring book. Get yours today!

Loom Band Color Palettes!

Find inspiration for choosing the right colors for your loom band bracelets! Learn how to combine complimentary colors. Look through 17 different color palettes that include complimentary colors. Use 1 or 2 colors or use all 5 colors in the palette. See examples of how others have used color combination in loom band bracelets.

Pencil Cases, Toppers & Twists

Make super cute pencil cases and other pencil accessories with rainbow rubber bands! Here you’ll find dozens of tutorials to guide you step by step through making awesome pencil cases, huggers, twists, toppers and more. Fancy up your pencil with your favorite rainbow bands. Enjoy this playlist with a huge selections of the latest and cutest designs!